8 great self-published/small press books I reviewed in 2021

Book covers

Links go to my GoodReads reviews.

Magical Disinformation: A spy novel set in Colombia. Shades of Graham Greene.

Law of the Jungle:  Medical research and revenge in the jungles of Venezuela and Colombia.

Crimechurch: Psychos and troubled teens in NZ’s earthquake-hit city.

Teacher, We Girls!: The experience of being a woman from New Zealand teaching in Saudi Arabia.

White Monkey: Darren escapes being a binman by going to teach in South Korea. Very funny.

The Noriega Tapes: Historical novel about the CIA and the invasion of Panama.

A Certain Kind of Power: A corporate spy navigates a labyrinth of corruption in Argentina.

Lust and Philosophy: Set mainly in Beijing and Chicago. An intellectual takedown of modern sexual morality.

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