Buenos Aires Triad

A grounded novel, like crime news stories come to life, this is a gradually gripping read, a gritty tale of low-end criminals.” — John Ross, Camphor Press

“This is a particularly well-written and surprisingly literary novella. I initially thought this book would be a dramatic spy thriller set in the cinematic streets of Buenos Aires. And while the action, violence and thrill certainly keeps the pages turning, what I enjoyed most was the depth of insight into the various cultural groups in South America.”– Lance Karlson, author of ‘The Noriega Tapes’

“Having spent close to a decade living in Latin America, I love reading books set in those countries. Beyer’s evocative descriptions immediately put me there as a reader and rang very true.” — Christina Hoag, author of ‘Skin of Tattoos’

“Beyer seems intimately familiar with his setting, and does well in colorfully portraying the unsavory sort whom lurk in the shadows therein.” — Tom Carter, author of ‘An American Bum in China’

“Beyer has the rare ability to summon up a living scene with a few well chosen words and images.” — Katherine Dolan, author of ‘Teacher, We Girls!’

“Recommended to anyone who has spent any time in Argentina or Latin America though I am sure it would be enjoyed by everyone who likes a decent, modern crime noir story.” — Carlos Hughes, author of ‘White Monkey’

“The author shows a lot of knowledge about the subjects, with crash courses in the contexts of Venezuela, Argentina, and how corruption there is even influenced by China-owned shops competing against the rest of the capitalist structure.” — Ray Hecht, author of ‘Always Goodbye’

“The author’s knowledge of Buenos Aires and Argentina are evident with detailed descriptions, anecdotes, and language which immerses you in the underbelly of Buenos Aires. In this sense, it could be said that the real star of this novel is Buenos Aires itself.” — Lachlan Page, author of ‘Magical Disinformation’

“All in all, a good read and you would never imagine a Kiwi wrote this – the author keeps himself out of the book. Very impressive stuff for a debut.” — Michael Botur, author of ‘Crimechurch’

“The twisty way that Lucas (a watch maker in over his head) gets intertwined and lost in an increasingly more dangerous criminal world was fascinating and slightly heart wrenching.” — Into The Unknown Magazine

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